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Last update: 08/13/15 12:59:41

Location: ASIA: India
Signed up: 12 Jan 2008 12:28 PM
Sounds like: Film
Artist Talent: Playback Singer, Live Show Performer.
Web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aakanksha_Jachak


Thank you all for visiting my space here & listening to my songs & Blessing me with votes & valuable comments too !
Please do bless me always as this is what I'll actually earn in my life & will be a treasure with me from all of you which is the real treasure one can earn in one's lifetime !!! Thanks again... With my best regards to you all !!!


Singing Career :

- Started singing since February 1996...my first performance was in a competition by Sangam Kala Group.

- Honored & Blessed by over 350 organizations / Dignitaries. Honored as "Nanhi Lata" by the "Shrota Biradari" & Various other Music organisations of Repute.

- Won over 250 Local, Regional, State & National level Vocal Music Competitions.

- Presented over 1800 stage shows across India.

- Sung for over 40 Devotional regional albums (including about 7 Video Albums too)

- Sung in over 40 Jingles.


Honored & Blessed by :

Hon. Chief Ministers of :
Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan.

Hon. Governors of :
Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh.

Hon. Ex. Speaker Loksabha :
Shri. Manohar Joshi,

Hon. Speaker Loksabha :
Hon. Somnath Chatterjee.

Hon Prime Minister Of India : Sri Manmohan Singh ji Granted a National Child Award for outstanding achievement in the field of Vocal Music for my performances and achievements till year 2005
on 14th November 2006 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.



- Created a World Record for the first time by an artist of youngest age by presenting Worlds Longest Solo Live Concert of 61 Hours !!

" Performed a Longest Solo Live concert at age 16 on 7,8 & 9th November 2006 at the Historical Gandhi Hall ( Formerly Known as Town Hall ) Indore in the presence of over 10,000 people physically and lacs witnessing the show being telecast live on various TV channels of India and abroad including : ZEETV, AAJ TAK, IBN7, STAR TV, INDIA TV, NDTV, BBC, SAHARA TV, CNN, and many more to name here, when I sang 724 songs during my live concert : including 61 songs Sung by Hon Lataji, 61 Songs Sung by Hon. Ashaji, songs sung by 61Various singers, composed by 61various Music Directors, 61 Lyricists, 61 Film Producers, 61 Film Directors... and so on and did not repeat ONE SINGLE song during the 61 hour long live concert.


- Playback :
Recently started the career as a playback singer...


A Proud Brand Ambassador of the Reputed Education Organisation with over 60 Branches Across India


email : aakanksha_jachak@yahoo.co.in
Business Phone : +91 93024 71190
(10.00am to 07.00pm IST)

Please do also visit here for more of my details :


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Youngexclusive Youngexclusive
Joined: 10/04/09 15:09:21

OK, MY NAME'S Michael "Young-Exclusive" Boyington & I'm new to this site, but make sure to come show your love & support. http://www.myspace.com/youngexclusive1

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/27/09 10:55:37

Hi Aakansha, you have a lovely voice and a god gifted one, loved all your songs specially "Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho", cheers!!

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 02/26/09 17:55:39

Oh my god-It is eccelent! one of my favourite songs from''Film''AANANDMATH''keep it up beta-my blessings--dr sedani

sanjaysng sanjaysng
Joined: 11/08/08 01:21:11

in one word.."awesome" keep it up dear.....all the best wishes for u ...

arya_shrawan arya_shrawan
Joined: 08/25/08 07:52:37

akanksha.. i always like here you.agar koi chance milta hai to main kabhi chukata nahi hoon..wish u all the best

enveek enveek
Joined: 06/02/08 06:06:13

Aakansha ...Your songs are always a treat for ears... Nice to see you here. I just joined today...Slowly posting my songs one by one...Also just getting to know the site more..Shall keep in touch..Best wishes..N V K

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 05/22/08 07:57:38

You are A-Class singer, try selecting songs which suites your voice like 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' and don't select songs which doesn't suites your voice like 'Mahi Ve'. (Plz don't mind, its my opinion as i am a Music Director). Actually when one reaches 'A-Class' the expectations of listeners are very high then. In my opinion on a scale of 1 to 10 I gave you 9.5. Finally you sung well try listening Lata Ji. PS. (If you sing 'Lag Ja Galle' you will see how beautiful you sing, its my request, thanks). Usman Warsi

narendra tanna narendra tanna
Joined: 04/30/08 07:24:54

hv hear yr many songs,voice it self proves that it is menat to b plaback singer. mind blowing performance.god bless u.

arvindiyer33 arvindiyer33
Joined: 04/24/08 01:14:02

kamleshmistry kamleshmistry
Joined: 03/29/08 06:22:11

Very Nice. Some of the songs are playing at double speed. Enjoy my site, www.lovemetruly.org

Joined: 03/11/08 06:30:28

Hey Akanksha you rock! Guys she's got a super voice and a super nature. Gem of a person. She rockkkksss hearts!

dr_jknanavati dr_jknanavati
Joined: 02/21/08 12:29:31

nice voice....keep it up....

nashaal nashaal
Joined: 02/08/08 07:25:49

wao....ur an amazing singer .God Bless You...

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 02/02/08 20:01:54

Good to have you here Aakanksha. Great singing and awesome talent. Cheers..Ricky

sheena sheena
Joined: 01/29/08 04:06:15

aakanksha wat can i tell of u dear , ur just gifted . i hope my daughter wud also learn sum steps in being so courage n passoinate for d luv of music as its food for one soul. u r a vrsatile isnger i esecially l iked ur ek raadha ek meera its such a tuff singing but u fared excelln in dat n wid ur age n stamina nothing will stop u gal so keep rocking n all d best for ur futre ..

rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 01/29/08 01:39:26

hello , we are really proud to have you here on zingerbay. i see saraswati in your vocal cords , please bless me and listen to my songs. RUTVI

naga iyer naga iyer
Joined: 01/28/08 03:00:32

Commenting on your songs would be like showing lamp to the sun! I appreciate your humility and modesty. I am lucky that you listened to my songs. You are sure to sway the present generation for years to come. With warm regards- Naganathan.

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 01/27/08 10:31:15

you have amazing and superb voice, you are fantastic, my best wishes. Dr.Rajesh Teli

yodhava yodhava
Joined: 01/24/08 08:08:37

wow, you got an amazing voice and great control over your singing, Aakanksha. Very melodious. All the best.

karan_purohit karan_purohit
Joined: 01/18/08 03:29:24

wooooooooooow... :)

aalokbajpai aalokbajpai
Joined: 01/15/08 06:12:33

Aakanksha you are really an artist blessed by no one else but GOD himself..!!!

Mangesh Khati Mangesh Khati
Joined: 01/15/08 03:10:36

Hi, Aakanksha good job and congrats for all your past achievements and all the best for your future competition. Now i have got one more reason to log in to this site, Guess what ? Just to listen your beautiful songs.

smistry smistry
Joined: 01/14/08 18:41:06

Aakanksha, Zingerbay is proud to have you as an artist on the site. We look forward to listening to your new creations.

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 01/14/08 09:53:38

Hi Aakanksha, We are happy to have you on ZIngerbay. Congratulations on all of your achievements. You are a fabulous singer. Please keep on updating your profile in the Biography section so that we can come back and look read up on your latest achievements. Upload your new songs for us to listen to. Thank you - Shekhar Phatak

mangeshsingh mangeshsingh
Joined: 01/13/08 01:51:12

Hi now i m ur FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEheheheheheeeeee

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Satyam Shivam Sundaram
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Vande Mataram
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Ik Radha Ik Meera
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Silsila Ye Chahat Ka
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Husn Ke Lakhon Rang
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Jiya Jale Jaan Jale
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Mahi Ve
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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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Album: Aakanksha's Favourites

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