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.: ARTIST | Divya Devaguptapu :.

Divya Devaguptapu

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Last update: 09/27/13 20:01:43

Location: 12530 Carmel Creek Dr, #129 San Diego, CA 92130
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
Sounds like:
Artist Talent: Bharata Natyam
Web site:


Divya Devaguptapu, a senior disciple of the world-renowned Dhananjays from Chennai India, has been a professional performing artiste for over 15 years. In the Dhananjayans own words, A rare phenomena found in Divya is that she excels in her performances and is equally proficient in her imparting. Divya is one of our priced disciples who has excelled in the field of Bharata Naatyam. Endowed with all essential qualities and qualifications for a Bharata Naatyam dancer, Divya has carved a niche in the minds of the classical connoisseurs..... Divya has performed for numerous prestigious sabhas in Chennai, India, toured the US along with the Dhananjays, given several solo performances in India, South-East Asia, Middle East and the United States. Currently, Divya resides in the San Diego area offers Bharata Naatyam classes at all levels. For further details regarding classes, please contact Divya at (858)-229-5696.


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