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Glenn Robb

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Last update: 08/01/14 16:00:49

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Pennsylvania (PA)
Signed up: 01 Aug 2014 03:35 PM
Members: Glenn Robb
Sounds like: Hip-Hop
Artist Talent: Dad
Web site: http://www.reverbnation.com/glennrobb


Thank You for listen to Philadelphia's Glenn Robb He was born and raised in philly started r&b and hip hop when he was 14 years of age Glenn Robb is not new to this game his songs has top charts for the most downloads and plays across the web on sites like 365, radio wave,and right now is the top artist for http://www.mzeus.com/artist/bands/27/ and one of the top artist in philly on reverbnation.com charts for Philadelphia his fans grows every day this is a brother who like to speak truth also keep in mind this is a new bio so starting 2014 you will see a new Glenn Robb with better music videos and production. But I have to say to do most of his music at home and made the progress he did was amazing now this is some one that I can tell who really love what he do and wants to be a star so now with the connections and intelligent s we have gathered we have people in clear channel who is waiting for his new music that he is working hard on with other artist right now keep in mind we not only make music we do promotion an publishing to get the artist on you clear channel our connects is your connects so you will have access to what we know and have to offer, This long awaited and anticipated album I know will be one of the best he ever done and will be the one to set it all off for him to be the star, Glenn Robb deserves to be.So stay tune as this will be a year to remember when it all blew up. We at Deff Penalty Records Like to express we work with all kinds and genres
in music know matter what you sing or rap meaning pop,rap,rock,neo,rap r&b,metal, or what ever else you can think of all races are welcome and we will treat you like family we currently have 5 artist on clear channel our fee is only 10% that's nothing compared to the out come you'll have and could make you a star we do not hold on to you if that's not what you want but we can get you up an running in the right direction to become a star. So contact us and we will get right back to you. To all artist who think they want to be a star remember its hard work and faith if you don't have that leave this alone meaning know matter if people say you cant do it your songs is not right you keep moving until you make it and make it right. Tina Mills Vp Rep of Deff Penalty Records Thank You


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Broken Heart
Rating: 4.00  

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Album: Re Birth

Fu-k The World
Rating: 5.00  
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Album: Re Birth

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