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Leena Gore

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Average rating: 3.90
Rated a total of 10 times

Last update: 09/23/13 12:52:25

Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada:Ontario
Signed up: 09 Aug 2007 09:02 PM
Sounds like: Vocal
Artist Talent: Vocal
Web site: http://www.leenasworld.multiply.com


Hi my name is Leena gore, i am a music lover, music is my hobby, my passion and i am so happy to be here, thanks to friends who told me about this website, nice to hear such amazing talent here.


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hbhanj hbhanj
Joined: 11/19/09 05:28:20

hi nice voice

Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 02:38:45

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/27/09 11:09:41

Hi Leena, loved your voice and your songs in particular "Dil Ke Armaan" & "Aaj Ki Raat",cheers!!

rajkamalapur rajkamalapur
Joined: 08/28/08 10:54:53

Very beautiful singing. You really have a nice voice. Can you please let me know your opinion about my songs. Good Luck.

rory rory
Joined: 05/31/08 22:01:46

Love your music. Very smooth and seductive voice

Mangesh Khati Mangesh Khati
Joined: 02/27/08 22:14:41

Hi Leena, I liked your dil ke arman aasuon mein beh gaye. But why did you copy salma aga's voice. It would have sounded good in your voice too.

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 01/25/08 15:27:59

Leena, nice singing . Would like to hear more of your songs. Best regards.

Jagannatha Rao K Jagannatha Rao K
Joined: 12/25/07 09:42:53

Leena ji, Your voice is excellent.. Sur is good. Please listen to my songs also.- Jagannatha Rao

rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 11/22/07 21:52:12

resp. Leenaji. You have a great voice and you are a versatile singer.Keep it up. Please listen to my songs and opine. With pranams and best wishes. Rutvi

KL0118 KL0118
Joined: 10/30/07 15:48:05

Hi Leena, i have heared this song Hum the jinke sahare , wow, Mai gaane ke andar khogaya tha jitna khoobsoorti ke saath aap ne gaya hai, wow, keep it up the good job, good luck

cheeku1976 cheeku1976
Joined: 10/25/07 08:32:12

V Nice Leena jee.Great voice & great singing.very soulfull singing.Keep it up.God bless u from Ahmed

Kishore Kishore
Joined: 10/22/07 11:08:35

Hi Leena...a wonderful voice. I am amazed at your versatality. You carried off both Aaj Ki raat and hum the jinke sahare equally well ! Keep up the good work!

Joined: 10/22/07 05:50:57

Hello Leena, song aajki raat is very good and i really enjoyed with your collection, and also deserve for rating

Farhan Farhan
Joined: 10/22/07 03:05:58

hi leena,excellent, wonderful voice, plz post ur opinion on my page, best of luck

Adwait Adwait
Joined: 10/16/07 09:48:30

Nice singing! Good going! Keep it up! Dil Ke Armaan & Aaj ki raat were really nice!

vdash4u vdash4u
Joined: 09/14/07 19:59:11

Gotcha ;-) ..Leena ji aap harr jagah chayi hui hai ;-)

bg bg
Joined: 09/05/07 08:48:19

Hi Leena, aajki raat is too good n lovely..gr8 going !!!

dentist_singer dentist_singer
Joined: 08/28/07 19:10:39

Hey leena thanks so much for listening to my songs.I luveddd your aaj ki raat.. its kool.....Keep up the gud work..

tejaswinihardas tejaswinihardas
Joined: 08/23/07 23:05:46

hey leena. thanks for the compliments. You rock in Aaj ki raat! Great input of feelings and expressions!

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 08/21/07 20:46:20

Namaste Leenaji, Thanks for the compliments. You have a great voice. Great Modulation and feelings. Keep it up. Hook up with other Zingers and work on various projects with them. That is what this is site for. If you need any assistance, please let me know. Thank you and again WELCOME to ZINGERBAY. - Shekhar Phatak

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 08/21/07 02:56:35

Well, Leena you have got a superb voice and ya know how to sing as well, the only thing which is lacking is karaoke track try to sing with extra ordinary tracks. I once gain wish associate with you in some way like sing duet with ya :)....try to sing a song which suites your voice at your fan's request, "Lag ja gale" waiting for that song. God bless ya

Paromita Paromita
Joined: 08/20/07 19:34:30

hi leena welcome to zingerbay...i know u will hit it off here too....keep singing and keep posting more and more songs...i will be working on the project we planned soon, really hard pressed for time but will do for sure!

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/17/07 20:50:52

hi leena, nice voce! keep it up- upload some more songs-may be some of geetadutt''-dr p..sedani

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 08/12/07 10:22:42

good voice , kep it up , my best wishes, Rajesh teli

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Waadiyan Mera Daman
Rating: 4.00  

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Album: Abhilasha

Hum The Jinke Sahare
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Hamesha Tumko Chaha
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Album: Devdas

Aaj Ki Raat
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Album: Don

Mujhe Tum Nazar Se
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Album: Ghazal

Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon
Rating: 4.00  
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Chitthi Ayi Hain
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Album: My Music

Dil ke Armaan Asooam Mein
Rating: 4.00  
No Lyrics

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