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Lj Ugarte

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Last update: 09/22/13 23:59:26

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Florida (FL)
Signed up: 15 Apr 2012 04:09 PM
Sounds like: R&B
Artist Talent:
Web site: http://www.facebook.com/Lj.ugarte.music


Luis John Ugarte was born January ,6 1981 in Brooklyn, New York. Captivated by the world of Art in Entertainment, from early in his life at the age of five Louis began singing and taking dance and acting classes . As his skill and talent developed over the years he fueled it by taking ballet. This lead to his admittance to Ballet Hispanical Dance Company, where as a student, he was able to master the art even more, enjoying every moment of it. During this time however, he embraced every opportunity to develop and diversify his love for art and entertainment. wonderful time for luis after that his family moved him to west palm beach Florida in 1997 and he attend palm beach lakes high school and continue to study acting classes. while in high school he also continue dancing his senor year of high school he had the chance to perform for the Florida stage company in the production of Gun play.the next year he attend keiser college and study computer graphic designing and imaging between college he was also working .in starting a music career following college hr began concentrating on his skills performing professionally at small venues with local artists at various nightclubs in the west palm beach area he's is currently in the process of witting producing his own music with an eye toward Much more succes in the Music industry and in addition to His acting


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Gambling Girl
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Album: The Reflection of Luis John

I Believe In Love
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Album: The Reflection of Luis John

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