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.: ARTIST | Malini Nagpal :.

Malini Nagpal

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Last update: 10/29/15 08:22:06

Location: 9881 Newport Way Cypress, CA 90630
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
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Artist Talent: Dance/Movement Therapist
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Malini Nagpal, ADTR, MA received her Masters of Arts degree at UCLA in dance/movement therapy and was trained at CSULB in human behavior as well at Berkeley in integrative movement. Her career in this field began in the early 90s. Malini has extensive experience analyzing (observe, describe, synthesize), teaching, training, and lecturing. She has taught how to effectively intergrate verbal communication with body language to increase self-_expression, persusion, charisma, leadership, grace, and overall flow through movement therapy/coaching. Her work experience ranges from children ages 5 to the adults in professional and personal aspect of their lives. She has and continues to give seminars and workshops in the United States and abroad. She is also invited to India to work with special needs children and adults and to educate other professionals in the application and theory of dance/movement therapy. In the past Malini has utilized her body movement analy


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