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.: ARTIST | Manik Joshi :.

Manik Joshi

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Last update: 08/28/14 08:34:09

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX)
Signed up: 06 Jul 2007 12:20 PM
Sounds like: Vocal
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Hello friends! Here is some info about myself.Apart from treating teeth( Dentist by proff) I have passion for music.I started learning Hindustani classical music under the tutelage of my Guru Mrs. Neelakshi Juvekar(Neelakshi Joshi)who also happens to be my aunt.
I have performed in lot of stage shows in India and US too. I thank god, my guru and my parents for supporting me all through out. Thanks for visiting my profile.

Dr. Manik Joshi


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hbhanj hbhanj
Joined: 11/18/09 10:07:08

Good voice quality! concentrate on high pitches

arijit_rockin_4u arijit_rockin_4u
Joined: 09/14/09 03:46:04

Good Singing....I 'm A New User..Joined TOday....Please Hear My SONgs...

Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 02:39:02

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

surajit surajit
Joined: 06/05/09 11:09:27

Hi Manik, Listened to your first six songs and have come to the conclusion that with a bit more effort you could very weel have chosen singingg your profession instead with dealing with other people's teeh, lol...Just loved your songs and I feel apart from a few flaws, you were excellent. I feel those could have been rectified if you could give more serious time to singing. The most I liked was DUm Maro Dum. Will listen to the rest a little later. My best wishes to you. Good luck and God bless. You rock, girl !!!

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/23/09 11:46:52

liked ur rendition of "jaiye aap" in particular, u've given soul to the song well in this well, thought u cud've done better on choti si aasha but overall ur a great singer, keep it up

mvashist mvashist
Joined: 01/23/09 07:19:00

Baiyan Na Dharo was extremely difficult song but did a good job. I don't like Mummy Ko Nahin, you sound like Usha Uthup in that. Jaiye Aap Kahan should have got some worn feeling like they do in movies the flicker effect. It sounded like Yaden. Dum Maro Dum was also good but I must admin I give top rank to Baiyan Na Dharo. Hope we get to listen to more talet. Good Luck.

mostbharat joshi mostbharat joshi
Joined: 11/28/08 10:06:15

manik, very nice keep it up

___T3rror___ ___T3rror___
Joined: 09/18/08 05:48:48

Nice singing

mushraf mushraf
Joined: 08/19/08 17:13:51

Hello Manik, wow I like all your songs. your voice is amazing I love this site take care.

enveek enveek
Joined: 06/02/08 06:22:15

Hi Manik...I just heard your songs...Well sung..I just joined today...Shall keep listening to all songs of yours...All the best..N V K

rory rory
Joined: 05/23/08 07:10:31

Mohammed Shafi Mohammed Shafi
Joined: 04/28/08 22:45:07

Hey Manik How are u remember me met u at the Studio (Audition) Pehli Nazar guy Shafi here n Thanks for this site where i got chance to upload my songs

salim salim
Joined: 04/23/08 08:32:46

Meenal Thirtha Meenal Thirtha
Joined: 03/21/08 11:23:09

Hi! Manik...amazing voice! I enjoyed listening to your songs. Ajun marathi gaani awadtil aikayla! Keep it up!

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 01/29/08 20:10:48

Good Singing Manik....Jaaiye Aap Kahan Jayenge.....well I can say aap gaanay mein buhat agay jayengi....keep singing. Cheers...Ricky.

Joined: 01/22/08 22:36:28

Hello ! Regards ! Great voice !!! Jaiye... Bugadi... Yara SiliSili... Pal Pal... Jiya Jale... all really nicely rendered !!! & what a combination you are...making people smile by profession (being a Dentist) & by Soul (by your sweet singing)

Chaitra Chaitra
Joined: 01/18/08 05:30:39

Hello Manik,You have a fabulous voice and singing talent. Keep it up and Good luck!. Looking fwd to meeting you soon;-)

P V Shastri P V Shastri
Joined: 01/12/08 01:13:49

Manikji I have changed my site pls. visit http://www.zingerartist.com/Zartists/bands/4764/

Shastripv Shastripv
Joined: 01/06/08 04:07:53

Manikji fantastic voice, listen to my songs n post ur comments

krishna_chinna krishna_chinna
Joined: 01/01/08 18:30:01

ur voice is good

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 12/29/07 08:20:49

Dr. Manik, I didn't know that dentists could sing so well with all those pliers and tooth extractors in hand. LOL. Excellent rendition and husky voice in the Piya Tu and Dam maro Dam. Please also look at my recorded songs.

yodhava yodhava
Joined: 12/27/07 12:41:42

very pleasant voice. keep it going.

Padmasri Padmasri
Joined: 12/25/07 09:29:23

Manik ji, Your voice is good. Please upload some more 'Asha ji' songs. - Padmasri

smak55 smak55
Joined: 12/25/07 06:22:52

Gr8 gal n gr8 voice.......since long time...best wishes 4 everythin u do now n always, Manik Keep it up.

Girish Girish
Joined: 12/23/07 09:38:21

you are the best :)

nima027 nima027
Joined: 11/30/07 15:51:37

Manikji.. Aap ne kamal kar diya.. Aaap ke hum fan ho gaye..!! Keep it up. Time mile to mere kuch songs check karna..for your frank opinion..Nimish

karan_purohit karan_purohit
Joined: 11/24/07 12:44:22

hey.. nice recording .. great voice.. and nice selection of songs :).. do listen to my songs :)

rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 11/22/07 21:59:37

Resp. manikji. You have a tremendous voice and you are a great singer.Please listen to my songs and opine.With pranams &best wishes.Rutvi

KL0118 KL0118
Joined: 10/30/07 15:43:17

Hi Manik, All your songs are fantastic , your choice of songs and your singing good luck,

Joined: 10/26/07 03:28:43

Nice, clean, beautiful and melodious voice u have, keep it up.

Kishore Kishore
Joined: 10/22/07 11:20:12

Wonderful singing.....piya tu was simply superb...extraordinary range of songs. By the way can u suggest me how to improve recording quality..or how do you do it?

Farhan Farhan
Joined: 10/18/07 03:21:39

Hi Manik, Excellent, very melodious, best of luck

thakkarsantosh thakkarsantosh
Joined: 10/15/07 20:51:19

Great Sur !! Clean voice quality !! Jaiye Aap Kahan and Nahi Minnat are hard songs to sing and you did justice to the song. Keep on the good work.

Adwait Adwait
Joined: 10/15/07 10:36:05

Thanks a lot sis! Defi we will do a duet!

vdash4u vdash4u
Joined: 09/14/07 21:36:56

Hey, Heard your songs ..khup chaan gaates ..Keep it up :-)

Purvi Parikh Purvi Parikh
Joined: 09/13/07 19:07:56

Hello Manik, greetings from Purvi Parikh (Castle-SouthWest). You definately have a fantastic voice. My family enjoyed listening to your songs.

bg bg
Joined: 08/31/07 04:10:12

hey awesome singing way to go keep it up

vineetdh vineetdh
Joined: 08/28/07 20:37:21

awesome as usual, a beautiful voice to go with a beautiful person! vineet dhar

Leena Leena
Joined: 08/19/07 18:06:04

Simply Awesome, too good, fantabulous voice.

champak champak
Joined: 08/17/07 10:27:29

Hi Manik, superb voice, I like "Baiyan Na Dharo" & "Piya Tu Ab" the best, keep it up.

manitg manitg
Joined: 08/16/07 00:21:39

hey...didnt knw u were an awsome singer doc....looks like u gonna turn a rockstar soon..:)..

sheetal sheetal
Joined: 08/15/07 23:55:11

dutmoumita dutmoumita
Joined: 08/07/07 00:15:24

Wowwwww manik..... uve gotta mindblowin voice....baiya na dharo is tooo good... nurture ur voice dear... ever thought f playback singin as an alternate career???? u rock babe!!

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/06/07 12:32:48

hi dr manik- exccelent! ''baiya nadharo ''may be on top! kep it up- dr p. sedani

Sachin Nagarkar Sachin Nagarkar
Joined: 08/01/07 03:08:50

hi mAnik.........................gani ekdam sahi aahet.....u r gr8........awesome.......ajun kay sangu......u knw d rest...........once again.....sahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

sameerrane sameerrane
Joined: 07/31/07 07:09:02

Hey too good yaar, tusi great ho...........why dont u participate in Sa Re Ga Ma.......... didnt know that you are so talented. any way wish you all the best for your future performances and hope we will get a chance of listening to your golden voice on TV / Radio

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 07/30/07 18:56:14

hello, manik excellent voice, those medics or paramedics with passion for music are indeed gr8 human being . You are one of them.I wish u could have joined earlier.My best wishes.

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 07/30/07 12:46:23

Hi Manik, One of the reasons why you are so popular is because of your personality. You are truely loved by all of your friends. It has been only 3 days since you uploaded your music and see the support you have from your friends. I am proud of you and very lucky to be your music mentor and friend. Keep up the good work and let us all create great music together. - Shekhar

poorvap poorvap
Joined: 07/28/07 19:25:48

Great Job!! I know a new Manik now! I am proud of you. Keep up the good work

tejaswinihardas tejaswinihardas
Joined: 07/28/07 16:56:50

Hello Manik, You have the perfect voice to make it big and you are at the right place to make that happen! Wish you all the best with your singing and let us know as and when you upload new songs!

dezastor dezastor
Joined: 07/22/07 19:30:54

hey there..gee.. thanks..... u sing rite???? y dont u put your songs online too!!!!!

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