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Minoo Purshottam

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Last update: 06/03/17 13:10:31

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX)
Signed up: 22 Jul 2007 12:12 PM
Sounds like: Play Back
Artist Talent: Singing Composing Live performances Play back Harmonium Teaching
Web site: http://www.minoopurshottam.com


MINOO PURSHOTTAM - a name which is synonymous with Indian Music, entered the film world at a young age of sixteen. Minoo took her first lesson in Classical Vocal Music from Pandit Laxman Prasad Jaipurwalle, a well-known personality in the world of classical music. Born in an agriculturist family of Patiala (Punjab), she acquired Bisharad (Bachelor of Arts degree) in music  Bombay, India.

Indian music was rapidly growing as a bridge towards world peace and friendship and at such a time, Minoo too burgeoned in her favourite field. Sri Sahir Ludhianvi, one of the greatest poet and well known music director Sri Roshan appreciated her talent and zeal and introduced her in Hindi films. 'Taj Mahal' which is one of the top musical films of India was the first film where Minoo made her debut.

King of Ghazals, music director Sri Madan Mohan, a cognoscente in special style of ghazal singing imparted his profound knowledge of music to Minoo. Thus, started her journy of learning music under the guidance of all top music directors, namely,

Laxmikant Pyarelal (Kranti & Daag), S. D. Burman (Baat Ek Raat Ki), O. P. Nayyar (Yeh Raat Phir Naa Aayegee), Roshan (Taj Mahal), Bappi Lahiri (Arman), Jaidev (Do Boond Paani, Prem Parbat, Andolan), Ravindra Jain, Sonik Omi, Madan Mohan (Heer Ranjha, Ghazal).

Music is an art, which everyone can pursue and enjoy, making our life worth living. Minoo has contributed a lot to the music field by giving public performances not only in India, but also abroad with Mohammed Rafi, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Talat Mehmood, Mukesh. Minoo is a tremendous Ghazal artist of her own style. Her melodious voice has attracted lovers of music. By the gift of such a rare talent, bestowed upon her by the Almighty, Minoo has endeared herself to her thousands of fans.

Gradually, Minoo's fabn base grew as she  performed programmes of Ghazals and Bhajans all over the world.

Minoo as a national and international artist has appeared on Television network programmes in India, Canada, U. S. A., and B. B. C. London on her visit to the west, time again. Based on several decades of experience, she recorded many LPs of Ghazals and Bhajans with HMV, Music India like Ranj Mein Rahat, Rehe Guzar, O Salone Sanwaria, Bhakti Ras, Krishna Ras, Dashaavtaar, Vaishnava Bhajans (Gujarati), Man Mandir Mein Sai and Jago Jago Maa Jawaalapaa. Though she is not a linguist, has sung in her mother tongue Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Sindhi and many other regional languages of India. She has gained a special insight into Hindi language and the lifetime ability to keep improving the range and effectiveness of music. Recently she has adduced new creations in Bhentaans and devotional and meditational music for her fans, namely,


under her own company name O. B. USA. More projects are presently under development and are destined to be released soon. Minoo - a name that expresses melody, has reached out and touched the hearts of all music lovers through her melodious strains. Though her contribution to this art is really remarkable, she is very shy and is not after cheap popularity. Her style of singing is simple and subtle but yet majestic and dignified. Tunes of music simply flow from her vocal chords with ease and grace. Minoo's contribution to this art is vast and we pray to the Almighty to guide her to incessantly serve the music world. No wonder she has deservedly earned the title of 'Nightingale'.

 Minooji COnducts Classes In Houston :

For information please call

Mobile No. 713-493-4746.



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Padmasri Padmasri
Joined: 12/25/07 09:37:30

Minoo jee. Good voice., I wish to hear some more songs from you. Please listen to my song also. - Jagannatha Rao

sharon sharon
Joined: 08/08/07 08:22:24

Namashkar, I am a new comer to this site but I am very familier to your name as I have listenend to you on vividh bharathi, before television. I am also a singer , living in sweden and struggling. Love your songs.

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Gopi Naath
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