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.: ARTIST | N V Krishnan :.

N V Krishnan

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Average rating: 4.62
Rated a total of 8 times

Last update: 02/20/14 04:10:43

Location: AFRICA: Algeria
Signed up: 02 Jun 2008 01:08 AM
Sounds like: Acapella
Artist Talent:
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Natver Mehta Natver Mehta
Joined: 07/18/09 11:31:29

You have an excellent voice.For few seconds I was wondering if it ws the original song or was it really you.You need to add more songs.Keep it

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 07/11/09 01:34:37

Wah Krishnan sahab...now this is called singing..very pleasant to hear. Ab aapko apne homepage pe invite nahi karsakte..I am a beginner...Regards- Ricky!

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/28/09 14:21:31

Hi Krishnan Sir, loved all your songs and you are simply amazing, your voice has so much depth and is so soothing, in "Tumko Dekha To" you sounded better than the original and "Jab Deep Jaley Aana" was awesome, simply 5 stars!! cheers!!

sanjaysng sanjaysng
Joined: 11/08/08 01:07:52

great voice...u hve the depth in ur voice ...excelent. awesome.

akshayanaokar1 akshayanaokar1
Joined: 08/15/08 16:44:52

Krishnan Sir... u have an excellent voice.. God Bless you.. I hope I get the opportunity to get some advice from you sometime and also have the privilege to sing with you!!

bajao bajao
Joined: 06/21/08 06:20:32

sir..heard d song deep jale....u r simply awesome...u have amazing depth in ur voice...vey nicely sung by you

smistry smistry
Joined: 06/11/08 18:54:01

Very good voice we are proud to have you on zingerbay

dentist_singer dentist_singer
Joined: 06/08/08 15:00:49

Thank you Mr.Krishnan for the appreciation,You have an excellent voice.For few seconds I was wondering if it ws the original song or was it really you.You need to add more songs.Keep it going...Regards Manik

narendra tanna narendra tanna
Joined: 06/07/08 03:43:05

good selection and good singing, sir put some more songs

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 06/06/08 09:44:28

Wow! You are amazing. You have a very refreshing voice. The ease of all the tough sections on Jab Deep and Romantic feelings on Teri Aankhon Ke - Kya Baat hai. Please tell us more about yourself. Upload more songs. I can listen to you nonstop - forever!! Thanks for being part of Zingerbay.

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Jab deep Jale aana
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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Album: default

Teri Aankhon ke Siva
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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Tum Ko Dekha to yeh Khayaal Aaya
Rating: 0.00  
No Lyrics

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Tum Nahin Ghum Nahin
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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