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.: ARTIST | Not Only Street Records :.

Not Only Street Records

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Last update: 09/22/13 08:50:03

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Colorado (CO)
Signed up: 22 Jul 2008 10:01 AM
Sounds like: Hip-Hop
Artist Talent: True The Don, Myllynyum, Outo The Lerical, Polo Tee & LeBlanc, LEX, Ras Hardcore, dB Heard & Others
Web site: http://notonlystreet.com


Not Only Street Records is a fast growing independent record label which capitalizes on the growing entertainment market across the world by the production and promotion of high quality undiscovered entertainment. Located in Topeka KS the company has become highly profitable through the sale of pre-recorded music products! Not Only Street Records distinguishs itself from other independent record companies through its marketing and promotional plan. Intense, calculated and relentless promotional campaigns... Our goal is to help independent artist take the steps necessary to advance their career in the industry featuring R&B artist CB3's smash hit Every, Lets Roll , and Hip Hop acts like True The Don one of Colorado's Frozen tundra's who recently signed a Exclusive Songwriting Agreement with the dBHeard Publishing Group! “True The Don”, the CD entitled “ All Hail The Don" released in 2008 feautring bangin hits like Can't Grind Like Us, Top Floor and Angel W/O Wings True The Don is determined that he can overcome any obstacle presented to him. He is a one of a kind, and if you are into extreme Hip-Hop with a lot of edge, he is an MC you definitely want to see perform live. David Sonnier aka Short Dawg of Denver former member and founder of Da Take Over Squad met dB Heard who just happened to be the CEO of NOSR and discussed a possible business proposition which lead to releasing the notorious cd DOWN4WATEVA introducing hardcore cuts like WatURidin, Real and Holla@Me. David Sonnier has now assumed the role of A&R / Tour Manager of NOSR and working on projects related to artist showcases in Colorado and talent development. Also be looking for the Not Only Street Artist Showcase and their new hot rap act out of Denver called Myllynyum. If your a fan of independent hip hop ask your retail record stores for titles like Outo The Lerical - Outo Pilot, Polo Tee & LeBlanc - 2 for 1, LEX - I AM MUSIC, and Ras Hardcore - Stabba Doop all released on Not Only Street Records. For MORE info on NOSR or its products and showcases login to: http://notonlystreet.com


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Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 03:22:44

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

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What It Is
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No Lyrics

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Album: Outo Pilot

My Life & Times (Remix)
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Album: All Hail The Don

Bring That Beat Back
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Album: 2 for 1

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