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Payal Sarkar

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Average rating: 4.87
Rated a total of 83 times

Last update: 07/18/16 06:01:40

Location: ASIA: India
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
Sounds like: Vocal
Artist Talent: Hindustani Classical trained
Web site:


BASIC INFORMATION : Trained in Hindustani Classical music. Have performed many shows in college, office and also sang outside with orchestra band. Presently working in an leading software MNC.FAVOURITES : My favourites are A.R.Rahman numbers. Like songs with a little Classical touch or something that is melodious....or sometimes might be a peppy number with a good rhythm and beat. Enigma is my favourite.COMMENTS : Please do comment on the uploaded track....and vote freely. Thanks.


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Ricky Ricky
Joined: 07/11/09 01:31:55

Quite a modern voice..try singing some Pop stuff, it will suit your voice- Cheers! Ricky

Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 03:00:02

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

rajkamalapur rajkamalapur
Joined: 05/06/09 06:04:25

Hi Payal, You really have a very good voice. I liked your rendition of 'Chalo Tumko'. Keep it up and good luck

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/30/09 15:36:56

Hi Payal, you've got a nice voice, loved your rendition of "Chalo" in particular, cheers!!

mangeshsingh mangeshsingh
Joined: 07/07/08 02:37:35

Hello Payal Ji...I listened ur song Mere hanth me.....awesome.......Keep It up..

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 06/17/08 09:44:15


enveek enveek
Joined: 06/02/08 05:29:58

Hi Payal...

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 05/30/08 13:25:51

Hi Payal, You have a very soothing voice. Just open up a little bit. Practice at least 30 minutes per day and you will see a big change. You have it in there...bring it out loud and clear.

Kurudan Kurudan
Joined: 05/30/08 11:00:34

U have a great voice !!! .....some mixing problem is there in your 3rd song......your voice was not clear.....

Chiranjit Chiranjit
Joined: 05/29/08 00:03:31

u r the best....

surajit surajit
Joined: 04/06/08 17:33:09

Hi, Payal, Loved your rendition of Dil Hai Chotasa. Lovely voice totally in sur and laay. Higher notes were perfect. Overall, I could find very minimal flaws. Enjoyed immensely. Keep practicing hard. All the best. Keep singing.

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 01/03/08 09:59:05

wow gr8 singing, my best wishes Dr. Rajesh teli

sheena sheena
Joined: 10/24/07 16:37:19

hi payal im too AR Rahman' s fan, do hope to hear more songs from u n all d best .

Farhan Farhan
Joined: 10/23/07 04:34:13

Hi Payal,

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/12/07 19:09:18

hi payal-apropriate voice for this song! add some more-good luck-dr p. sedani

smistry smistry
Joined: 07/05/07 07:15:45

Payal You have a great Voice Add some info and a pic of you on your profile.... Good Luck with the competition

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Piyu Bole
Rating: 5.00  
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Album: Parineeta

Payal - Dil Hai Chota sa
Rating: 5.00  

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Album: Payal Favourites - Roja

Chalo Tumko Lekar
Rating: 5.00  

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Album: Jism

Hey Shona
Rating: 5.00  

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Album: Tara Rum Pum

Mere Haath Mein
Rating: 5.00  

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Album: Fanaa

Sanson ko Sanson mein
Rating: 5.00  

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Album: Hum Tum

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