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Last update: 09/25/13 10:22:07

Location: MIDDLE EAST: U.A.E.
Signed up: 08 Jan 2008 01:19 PM
Sounds like: Vocal_karaoke
Artist Talent:
Web site: http://www.zingerartist.com/Zartists/bands/4764



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vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/30/09 14:46:49

Hi Shastriji, you've got a nice voice, loved all your renditions,cheers!!

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 06/17/08 09:33:53


Jagannatha Rao K Jagannatha Rao K
Joined: 04/12/08 08:57:39

Shastri garu, I have uploaded one Telugu song for you. Please listen - Jagannatha Rao

surajit surajit
Joined: 02/29/08 20:26:16

Good singing. Liked your voice too. Enjoyed your Bengali song the most. By the way, Noyono Shoroshi is not a Amit Kumar song, rather, it his father, the Greatest, Kishore Kumar who sang it originally. If you want to sing more Bengali songs, please keep in touch. My email is suraj1123@yahoo.com. Good luck.Keep singing.

yodhava yodhava
Joined: 02/21/08 09:34:20

liked Muskurata hua..well sung. Such a good song but rarely heard.

ramarao ramarao
Joined: 02/21/08 08:40:47

Hi shastri garu good voice keep itup

sharon sharon
Joined: 02/06/08 13:07:56

very nice style and voice throw. are you maharashtrian? best of luck. sharon

pappurp pappurp
Joined: 01/14/08 04:39:26

Hey bhai great going!! Cheers!!

dezastor dezastor
Joined: 01/12/08 07:34:38

hey dude.... nice voice.... keep singin!!!!!

swarnashek swarnashek
Joined: 01/12/08 00:33:04

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 01/09/08 06:59:34

Shastri, Tremendous songs, especially "Aise na mujhe tum dekho". Its a very sensual song and the emotions have been captured in ur voice. Please upload more. In the meantime, please visit my songs

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 01/09/08 01:52:23

hello shastriji you sing very well strong resemblance to kishore, keep it up,my best wishes.Dr.Teli

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 01/08/08 20:39:09

hi shastri, nice voice -keep it up--dr p..sedani

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Muskuraata Hua
Rating: 4.83  
No Lyrics

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Roop Ye Tera
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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Aise Naa Mujhe Tum
Rating: 4.75  
No Lyrics

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Roop Tera Mastaana
Rating: 4.50  
No Lyrics

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Chalte Chalte
Rating: 4.67  
No Lyrics

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Tum Bhi Chalo
Rating: 5.00  
No Lyrics

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Yeh Jawani
Rating: 4.00  
No Lyrics

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