Badi Haseen Raat Thi

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Credits: Tejaswini


Chiraag-o-aaftaab gum badi haseen raat thi
Shabaab ki naqaab gum badi haseen raat thi

Charaag, Chiraag: Lamp
Aaftaab: Sun, Face
Chiraag-o-aaftaab: The brightness of the lamp
Gum: Absorbed, Distracted, Lost, Missing
Haseen: Beautiful, Elegant, Charming, Handsome
Shabaab: Juvenility, Prime Of Life, Youth
Naqaab: Veil, Curtain

Mujhe pila rahe the wo ke khud hi shamma bujh gai
Gilaas gum sharaab gum badi haseen raat thi

Khud: Oneself
Shamma, Shama: Lamp, Candle
Bhujna: To be put out, extinguished (a fire, light, &c.); to be quenched (as thirst); to be allayed or satisfied (as hunger, or a feeling or passion
Gilaas: Glass cup
Sharaab: Wine

Likha tha jis kitab mein ke ishq to haraam hai
Hui wo hi kitaab gum badi haseen raat thi

Likhna: Write
Kitaab: Book, Dispatch, Writing
Ishq: Affection, Amour, Love, Excessive Passion Mania, Romance
Haraam: Adultery, Forbidden, Unlawful, Wicked, Wrong

Labon se lab jo mil gaye labon se lab hi sil gaye
Sawaal gum jawab gum badi haseen raat thi

Lab: Lip
Silaana: To cause to sew or stitch; to sew
Sawaal: Question, Query
Jawaab: Answer, Reply