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.: ARTIST | Usman Warsi :.

Usman Warsi

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Last update: 04/13/16 00:27:02

Location: MIDDLE EAST: Pakistan
Signed up: 14 Aug 2007 05:22 AM
Sounds like: Musical
Artist Talent: Singer, Music Composer and Arranger
Web site: http://+92-333-425 4005


An enthusiastic & energetic personality, determined to vanquish the impediments of creativity in the field of Music. A Singer, a Poet, a Professional Music Composer a Computer Programmer, invites your exquisite group to knock on usmanwarsi.com to unveil the vague & skittish, styles & angulations plunged into the fathomess depths of his aesthetic thoughts, ideas & skills. The mirror of his untiring endeavors is set to reflect your dreams in your ears, on your screens & on your papers to witness the world of Warsi's creations.


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su1955 su1955
Joined: 08/18/09 12:47:31

marvellous. u made me fan of ur talent. may god bless u.

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 07/13/09 00:05:19

Lovely singing and excellent voice Warsi..howcome not many songs?? Regards-Ricky

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/27/09 16:11:59

loved your composition, your voice and the way you sung it,absolutely soulful singing,cheers!!

Manjeet Manjeet
Joined: 11/11/08 18:21:57

Oey Baley bhai baley, Shahzadeyo tussi te kamal kar ditta. Apna gana film wich deyo hit ho ga. From Mann

Monty Monty
Joined: 10/25/08 21:00:48

Janab, I don't know why you are not uploading more songs can't you see your fans are demanding see belooooooooooooooooooooooow. You are a fine Singer and Composer. Mazza aa gya sir. Keep it up. Monty Sharma

beautiful beautiful
Joined: 10/14/08 05:23:40

State-of-the-art Song, Piano piece and Singing. Loved it

Sonum Sonum
Joined: 07/09/08 14:48:47

Slmz, i have no words to express after listening to your song. ur voice is amazing & the song is so beautiful, the word beautiful is not enough. did you write the lyrics?

champak champak
Joined: 07/07/08 09:48:53

Thanks a lot for your comments. Your voice is Excellent & Very Professional. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, Champak Lad

ISP Friend ISP Friend
Joined: 06/20/08 08:46:00

I am from the same ISP. You did a great job. Good luck

Music_Lover Music_Lover
Joined: 06/19/08 01:19:41

Hi Warsi, you are a great singer and composer. I love you song and hhmmm you too. I love this singer.

Adwait Adwait
Joined: 06/17/08 13:12:10

Usman bhaijaan.....you are Fantastic! You have put all the emotions into the song! Lovely piano intro as well! Simply great voice! Also, thanks for your complements!

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 06/17/08 09:51:16

excellent singing, touching heart. my best wishes.Dr. Teli

Afsheen Afsheen
Joined: 06/02/08 10:41:22

Salaam Warsi Ji, Nice song and nice composition. Afsheen from Lahore

Joined: 06/01/08 15:08:34

Regards !

Sweet 18 Sweet 18
Joined: 05/29/08 21:55:30

This is a beautiful song, beautiful tune, I love it. Singer has a warm soothing voice. I want to hear this song again and again and again....

Maria Maria
Joined: 05/29/08 08:55:48

Oh my God, a very long list of your fans down here what can i say everything is written down. I just wanna say that what ever is written below this line is 100% true i witness. Take good care and upload some more songs for listeners.

Kinesthetic Kinesthetic
Joined: 05/28/08 17:41:06

Gr88888888888888 Song.

AmirKhan AmirKhan
Joined: 05/28/08 09:55:04

Salaam Sir Jee, I have listen ur song its gr8 u sing well and i love this song. I need your permission to dedicate it to my LOST girl friend plz don't say no its a matter of life and death. waiting for your reply aamir_khan@hotmail.com. Finally i pray for you, You will be the top singer of the world one day inshallah. Take care

Aatish Aatish
Joined: 05/26/08 18:42:04

Great great great song simply.... Aap ne hamein kharid liya. Giyo Warsi sb Good Luck.

Rani Rani
Joined: 05/24/08 23:13:33

Hello, Excellent voive and nice composition

Shahzad_Shah Shahzad_Shah
Joined: 05/21/08 19:47:49

Dear Usman Bhai, I have found your advertisement on Wateen Net so i came here, but after reaching here i have become a member of this site. These guys are doing gr8 job, amazing. What can i say abt your song you are simply the best. What abt your other songs why aren't you upload them?? plz upload we want your song in here just see your fans list plz upload more. Shah

Artist Artist
Joined: 05/21/08 08:34:29

WaaaaaaO !!! Superb....

zunaira zunaira
Joined: 05/20/08 21:37:11

Hi. I am Zunaira from the same ISP. You are an amazing singer i don't believe it. Its a beautiful song and i wish i can hear you face-to-face some day. LOVELY VOICE...keep it up Good Luck

Sara25 Sara25
Joined: 05/20/08 12:09:07

Dear Usman, thanks for sending your link i really liked this website very much and off-course you song, plz gimme your DVD once again....Waiting......Sara - The Fan Of USMAN WARSI

FanFromIslamabad FanFromIslamabad
Joined: 05/19/08 09:27:21

Hi, I am one of your gr8 fans, your voice is very coooool it remindes me somebody like you even you look like him. Plz upload more songs and post some new songs or video songs. SANA

Imran1970 Imran1970
Joined: 05/19/08 01:27:33

Salaam, Heard your song very very very very beautiful composing and piano. I am also a bathroom singer and will contact you soon to create my song album. You are simply the best.

Morni Morni
Joined: 05/14/08 21:30:58

Wah Wah wah......Buhat Khoob

Sofia25 Sofia25
Joined: 05/14/08 11:58:32

Buhat khoob, you are a singer. Nice Song....

Fawad Fawad
Joined: 05/13/08 08:39:09

Hello!! Warsi Brother, its me Fawad Qazi. I heard ur song at zingerbay and watch your video at youtube.com, maza aa gya bhai jee. God bless you. Plz upload your video here its a good site for musicians.

Love Love
Joined: 05/12/08 17:49:36

Salaam Warsi Sahib, I am not amazed by anything because i know you and your creative mind. I saw your concert at DHA Club so keep it up. Faisal

Pretty Pretty
Joined: 05/08/08 20:34:57

WOW !!! What a song...you must be a professional singer and pianist. Jeetey rahain aap. From Pretty (Bombay)

Maya Maya
Joined: 05/08/08 09:12:15

Music often has a magical effect of transforming the ambiance into a comfort zone, where all your worries seem to vanish, YOU DID THIS BY CREATING YOUR SONG. In a fast paced world that we live in, this is one luxury that we should all take advantage of, since it costs nothing and gives so much. I wish ya success and plz upload more. Your site is not working?......

Cupid Cupid
Joined: 05/07/08 10:30:16

Oh what a song!!! I have never heard this song before, but believe me, I am humming the tune as I am writing to you. The opening piano piece can only be played by a maestro like Richard Clayderman. The artful flow of notes from highs to lows, variations in the intensity, razor sharp timing are characteristic of a virtuoso pianist. If you have played it, then hats of to you yaar, all I can say is : "aapne hume kharid liya". Your singing is also very soulful.

mr bhatti mr bhatti
Joined: 04/21/08 10:43:08

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 01/05/08 04:21:14

Fabulous voice, warsi. Please try Mukesh's songs, your voice is matchable. Meanwhile, I have added 2 new tracks for your listening and valuable opinion : 1. Rim jhim gire sawan 2. Kaise kahan hum pyaar ne humko

Joined: 11/23/07 04:31:19

Hi Warsi, your voice is very clean,nice,melodious and many many more, mazah a gya bhai

Seemal Seemal
Joined: 09/26/07 10:56:20

Hi Warsi, You have sung a very beautiful song and i will be your gr8 fan now onwards, plz upload more. Seemal

Rabia Rabia
Joined: 09/22/07 16:10:03

Hello, your song reminds me my lost love and brought tears in my eyes. God bless you and plz plz plz upload more songs. Your voice is very coooooooooooooooool. Plz add me in your best friends list.... Hats off

karan123 karan123
Joined: 09/21/07 10:37:01

Hi Warsi Ji, I have heard so many piano pieces in my life but the piece you played at the start of your song is really really out of this world, i wish i can sit with you and listen your piano live. Keep it up...one more thing you are a PROFESSIONAL SINGER AND PIANO PLAYER no doubt!!! Karan

Haseeb Urfi Haseeb Urfi
Joined: 08/22/07 02:34:03

What can i say about your voice and composition, simply state-of-the-art song. I want to be a biggest fan of yours. Plz upload more songs....God bless you and plz sing some Indian songs as well because i know you can well sing Kishore's songs. Once again best of luck - Haseeb Urfi

nashaal nashaal
Joined: 08/20/07 19:15:03

Salaam, Heard ur Song.. Uare an Awesome singer and composer, i would love to visit this site more often only to hear u..Keep it up!!

Leena Leena
Joined: 08/19/07 17:58:58

Heard ur song, absolutely soulfull singing. Too good, u have an amazing voice. Please upload more songs. Also it would be great to have ur comments on my songs, so please do listen to them and let me know.

Atif Atif
Joined: 08/18/07 13:04:50

Hi Usman bro..! that is very nice composition and beautifully sung by you.its really good.Best of luck for your next step you would take.

barbaric barbaric
Joined: 08/18/07 02:12:14

Hi Usman.. You are good in all aspects of singing and my well wishes always with you. God bless you.

bg bg
Joined: 08/17/07 12:35:59

Hi Usman, Great Feeing in the voice and nice singing. Keep up the good work

Tinkoo Tinkoo
Joined: 08/17/07 00:29:50

Hi Warsi Sb, What can i say about your voice and your composition, you have got the real talent.... hat off to ya buddy !!! As i have very good ears so i can understand the piano piece at the start you are state-of-the-art composer & singer. Best of luck - Tinkoo

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 08/16/07 11:21:54

Hi, I am one of the sys admins and would like to talk to you. Can you click on Instant messanger please? Thank you - Shekhar Phatak

gdevang2002 gdevang2002
Joined: 08/16/07 10:29:34

nice composition and singing....u certainly have a talent.

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/16/07 10:18:31

hi usman- exceelent voice & selection too! keep it up- dr_sedani

surajit surajit
Joined: 08/16/07 08:51:40

Usman, What can say about your singing. You are absolutely superb.Glad that you invited me,else would have missed out on some excellent singing.My prayers to HIM to take you places.Keep working hard at it.

dentist_singer dentist_singer
Joined: 08/16/07 04:57:45

Hello Usman ji, YOu have an excellent voice.!!!... You have sung this song with all emotions that you got tears in my eyes...!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

sayeed sayeed
Joined: 08/16/07 03:46:29

Assalam alekum. Keep practicing and improving you have a very bright future in the singing and composition world.

sharon sharon
Joined: 08/15/07 18:07:05

wah wah, bahut khoob. wish you all the best.

smistry smistry
Joined: 08/14/07 14:34:31

Usman You have a beautiful voice, and your composition is one of the best I have heard ... please add more.. perhpas you might want to sell your creations from here let me know email me at smistry@zingerbay.com... Admin

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