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Ashok Gurjale

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Last update: 09/25/13 23:39:49

Location: Aarabhi - The Violin School 1-1-336/61, Vivek Nagar, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad - 500 020, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Telephone 9140-27651884, 9140-27671663 Mobile 9885010979 E-mail ashokgurjale@yahoo.com
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
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Artist Talent: Violin
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I would like to introduce myself Ashok Gurjale music director and principal of Aarabhi-The Violin School in Hyderabad, India. visit http//www.indian-music.com/artists/ashokgurjale for my profile. About Aarabhi Aarabhi - The violin school was founded in the year 1998 march which has grown to a vibrant institution comprising of over 100 students of ages varying from 6 to 60. Aarabhi is registered under educational and charitable trust, which is being funded by some of the music lovers and individuals. The students of Aarabhi had performed more than 80 live concerts on various platforms in India and offered to play abroad by various organizations. Indian Classical Music supposed to be one of the toughest music and children of age group 8 - 14yrs playing violin in a symphony makes Aarabhi a unique institution. Please visit our site http//www.indian-music.com/institutes/aarabhi some of the concert photographs can be found at http//aarabhi.0catch.c


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