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Shahnaz Akhtar

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Average rating: 4.75
Rated a total of 34 times

Last update: 08/20/14 08:02:47

Location: ASIA: India
Signed up: 11 Feb 2007 08:20 AM
Sounds like: Acapella
Artist Talent: Folk of madhaya pradesh Vocal
Web site:


Two Albums has rocked whole India, Bhola Nai Maane and choom choom chana chana na baaje maiya pau paijaniya. We are presenting our shows in every corner of India including Personal shows CM Bihar, CM MP, Chattishgarh, UP, Jharkhand etc, gathering every where approx 1lakh. The product has made place not only in trucks, rickshaws, cabs also in middle class and higher class normal people those who even don't have infatuation towards music.


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itendratripathi itendratripathi
Joined: 11/29/07 23:43:54

hi shahnaz,i am Itendra tripathi. I m a very very big fan of you.i like you very much

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Maiya Pao Paijaniya
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