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Bollywood Grooves

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Last update: 09/24/13 05:16:06

Location: 20 Queens Terrace London NW8 6DW
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
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Artist Talent: Bollywood & Bhangra Dance
Web site:


Teachers, Performers and Choreographers of Bollywood (Indian Movie style) & Bhangra (North Indian Folk ) Dance. Regular dance classes & courses across central London at Dance schools and Gyms for both adults and youth Please see our website for more details www.bollywoodgrooves.com. All levels welcome from absolute beginners to advanced. Our dance classes consists of an expressive dance style incorporating a fusion of Indian classical, folk, arabic, latino & Street dance styles with a touch of pure Bollywood cheese to top it all off! Performers available for any occasion from weddings and charity events to corporate nights and themed events etc. Choreography for any dance piece that you would like to perform to; for weddings/parties or just for fun! For more info call Vandana or Chetna on 07875 023 744 or 07977 553 571 or email us at info@Bollywoodgrooves.com


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