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.: ARTIST | Amrita Choudhury :.

Amrita Choudhury

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Last update: 09/22/13 21:56:51

Location: AFRICA: Algeria
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
Sounds like: Acapella
Artist Talent: Odissi Classical Dance (Mahari Style), Indian Folklorique Dance, Rajasthani Gypsy dance, Yoga of Dance, Dance Therapy
Web site:


Explore the beauty and grace of Indian Classical and Folklorique dance traditions. The Mahari style of Odissi (original temple dancer style), along with various forms of Indian Folklorique and Gypsy dance traditions. Along with 25 years of teaching experience, Amrita also performs research on the Anthropological aspects of movement and dance. She also practices Dance Therapy and the Yoga of Dance. Workshops and courses offered in the following fields - Classical Indian Dance (Odissi, Mahari style) - Folklorique Dance Traditions (Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan.) - Rajasthani Gypsy Dance traditions. - Yoga of Dance - Dance Therapy - Tagore Dance Dramas - Meditation in Motion - Movement workshops for corporate clientele. For more information, Please see www.ananda-amrita.com


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