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.: ARTIST | Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan :.

Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan

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Last update: 09/22/13 23:15:02

Location: Los Angeles California
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
Sounds like:
Artist Talent: Carnatic Keyboard
Web site:


Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan 16 year old shooting young star is making a rave in the USA, India and around the world by popularizing the Carnatic music on the Keyboard. Amruthavarshini is the first ever child prodigy to perform the Carnatic Music on the Electronic keyboard. She started playing the instrument under the tutelage of her Father and Guru Shri N. Muralikrishnan a Vina andKeyboard virtuoso at the tender age of two. Playing Carnatic Musicon the Keyboard, a concept conceived and stylized by N. Muralikrishnan 23 years ago under the modelChanging Trends with out Changing traditional Values, has now become a hot pick among the youngsters in the field of Carnatic music lately. She participatedin several fund raising events formany nonprofit organizations such as UdhavumKarangal, ASHA-LA for under privileged childrens education in India, SPICMACAY, Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) for Tsunami Disaster Relief,


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