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Aloke Dasgupta

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Last update: 09/25/13 07:49:29

Location: 17633 Kornblum Ave Torrance CA 90504-3312
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
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Artist Talent: Sitar
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Aloke Dasgupta - A Profile - Aloke Dasgupta is among the most outstanding and original sitar players in the North Indian Classical style. With a maturity of style and composition all his own, he draws the memory back nostalgically to the past greats of sitar, while at the same time revealing an awareness of contemporary, international movements, such as jazz, new age and world music. though grounded in the maihar gharana of Allauddin Khan, Aloke has rapidly assimilated phrasing and tonality from other gharanas, to pioneer a versatile originality, which has carved for him a place for himself. Indeed, Aloke has come a long way since beginning his musical training under his uncle at the age of eleven. Erudite and articulate, with a masters degree in Ethnomusicology from San Diego State University, Aloke made his debut in 1981, at the New York Folk Festival, where he was introduced by composer-performer David Amram. Since then, it has been a steady stream of succ


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