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.: ARTIST | Aarthy Kishore, SRISHTI School of Performing Arts :.

Aarthy Kishore, SRISHTI School of Performing Arts

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Last update: 09/23/13 20:52:54

Location: Rachel Carson Middle School, 13618 McLearen Rd., Herndon, VA 20171
Signed up: 27 Jan 2007 04:11 AM
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Artist Talent: Arts/Painting (Painting, Sketching, Glass Painting, Metal Embossing, Ceramic Painting)
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http//www.srishti-dc.org Teacher Aarthy Kishore has been taking arts and craft classes for the past many years in India as well as United States. Aarthy is a passionate and creative art appreciator and has spent many years in India learning painting and crafts from a variety of teachers. She was an art teacher at Mahatma Matriculation School and Ambika Elementary school for several years prior to coming to the United States. In both schools she was responsible for creating comprehensive curriculum for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Aarthy has a serious commitment to be the best teacher for each group of students that she has the opportunity to teach. She works hard to be a positive influence in the lives of her students, their parents, and her fellow instructors. In order to continue keeping her courses fun and innovative, she keeps up with the most effective methods, has obtain a masters degree, an


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