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Mangala Sane

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Last update: 09/23/13 16:54:32

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX)
Signed up: 08 Jun 2007 10:50 PM
Members: Mangala Sane
Sounds like: Vocal_Classical
Artist Talent: Sargam School of Music
Web site: http://mangala1.cloud.prohosting.com


Mangala Sane is a "Sangeet Visharad" from Gandharwa Maha Vidyalay in bombay india. and is founder of "Sargam School of Vocal Classical and Light Music." She has been conducting classes for last 14 years from her residence in Houston, Texas. She is teaching the vocal north indian classical music and variety of light music in English such as Hindi/Urdu gazals, Hindi/Marathi songs, folks songs. She also teaches keyboard and harmonium lessons in english. She also gives vocal Karokee hindi music lessons. She has to her credit one professional recording of Mera Bai bhajan (tape -'Bhakti Sangam') and has a CD of Hindi/Urdu gazahals and film songs called "KHAZANA". She has a small group called 'Kalki Yaadein' for private concerts. Also, her son Mandar Sane (512-789-3159) performs in professional concerts and plays Tabla, Guitar, American Drums and Punjabi Dhols. He has a CD of his music and composes music and tracks for Shunya Theater Dramas. Her husband Shrikant Sane performs in a group and sings Mukesh songs. Our group is available for private concerts such as wedding or other occations. For information you can contact Mangala at 281-498-6126 (email-Mangala_sana@yahoo.com). If you like to buy the CD "KHAJANA" or tape "BHAKTI SANGAM" please contact Mangala Sane.for information.


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Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jan lijiye
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Aaja Re Pardesi
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