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Last update: 09/22/13 19:28:58

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX)
Signed up: 05 Sep 2007 10:13 AM
Sounds like: Other
Artist Talent: Vocalist - Indian - Western
Web site: http://anikmusic.com


Anik, a versatile budding singer, is only 14 years old. Music is in his blood, and he has a wonderful gift from the almighty - his melodious voice. His interest ranges from Indian Classical, Light Music to Pop/Jazz/Country music and even Western Opera.

He has started performing before the community gatherings at the age of 8. Mesmerizing by his musicality, he has reached a wide audience, both  the Indian and the Western.

He has bagged 4 honors competing with hundreds of Artists since last year.

June, 2007 - Winner of the US Talent Contest by A R Rahman in NY and has performed with AR in Nassau Collesium.                                 

Watch the video at Anik's NY Performance with A R Rahman         

April, 2007 - 3rd place at the Nashville Music Workshop among 150 contestants. Rated average 9 and above out of 10 by the Recording industry experts present there.  

January, 2007 - Best young male opera singer and registered Opera singer by the Houston Young Artists' Concert.Performed at Rice Unversity Stude Hall. Selected for the next concerts at Round Top International Festival Opera house performance on 20th October, 2007 and Rice Univ Stude Hall,January, 2008.            

June, 2006 - Champion at the Talent Search Contest at North American Bengali Conference, Houston. Smt. Usha Uththup was one of the judges there. Awarded a Solo recording contract by Indranil Sen of Prime Music , Kolkata, India.

Stay tuned and shower your good wishes for this promising young vibrant voice to serve the community for the coming years.


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There's A Kind of Hush
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Top of the World
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Main Agar Kahoon
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