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Last update: 09/21/13 18:55:02

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:North Carolina (NC)
Signed up: 15 Nov 2007 01:17 AM
Members: Hope
Sounds like: Pop
Artist Talent: singer/songwriter
Web site: http://www.sharonhope.com and http://www.myspace.com/kaylabritney


I am a singer/songwriter with a bigger focus on songwriter. I have written over 160 songs to date. I want to pitch my songs to major and independent record labels for their artists to record. Wish me luck!


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Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 02:40:49

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/30/09 09:35:52

Hi Hope, you have amazing vocals and expressions! loved all your songs,absolute star quality,cheers!!

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 06/17/08 09:49:42


KiransCom KiransCom
Joined: 02/21/08 17:07:36

Hi - can anyone here assist me please - i am seeking a email or contact of this websites admin as a fake profile has been made of me giving out personal details-any help will be very appreciated. My direct email iss info@kirans.com - www.kirans.com

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 12/13/07 10:09:11

you sing very well and your voice touches heart ,so also your lyrics, my best wishes. Dr.Rajesh Teli

amauthoor amauthoor
Joined: 11/27/07 21:51:37

good luck,, nice song

smistry smistry
Joined: 11/17/07 06:14:48

Hi Hope Welcome to Zingerbay Song competition, You have a great voice! Good Luck... Tell as many friends as you can to listen to your song between Dec 15 and Jan 15 ... each hit will be counted towards your total popularity score.

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 11/16/07 18:14:23

Great work. I enjoyed all of your songs. You sing really well and good mix of country, pop and rock in your music. Welcome to Zingerbay and good luck with the compitition. Thank you - Shekhar Phatak

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Worth Fighting For
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No Lyrics

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Forever Gone
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Pretend To Make-Believe
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Show Me How
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We Could've Made It Last
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