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dr P..Sedani

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Last update: 04/25/15 17:28:35

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:California (CA)
Signed up: 07 Jul 2007 02:12 PM
Members: Artist
Sounds like: Vocal_karaoke
Artist Talent: hindi track!!
Web site:


I am an anaesthesiologist- music is my first love- I am contributing my political cartoons in a gujarati news paper.


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chinmaypv chinmaypv
Joined: 06/22/09 03:12:35

Uncle, great songs, specially Laga Chunri me daag.

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/27/09 12:38:18

Dear Sedaniji, you have a nice voice and loved all your songs & in particular "Laga Chunri Main Daag" & "Tute na dil", cheers!!

Tejaswini Tejaswini
Joined: 11/27/08 12:41:17

good voice...but require more practice..specially for that "laga chunari me daag"..Its my fav.song. u can sing it better...but u must work hard on that...sorry mai apse choti hu.lekin mai dil me koi baat rakhti nahi.agar mere kahne se kuch accha hoga to main wo baat jarur kehti hu.thats my attitude.sorry if i hurt u. but u really sing well.i appreciate u

ashnaura ashnaura
Joined: 09/27/08 13:10:44

Hello, Dr.Sedani... Thanks for your comments on my webpage. Managed to hear your songs here. Wonderful I must say. I have arranged and uploaded a Hindi song this time. Hope you like it. Thanks- Ashwin.

narendra tanna narendra tanna
Joined: 04/30/08 07:39:06

dr saheb,very well done,fantastic control over karaok and laga chunri is mind blowing.

dr_jknanavati dr_jknanavati
Joined: 02/18/08 11:53:35

saheb....hum bhi aa gaye hai maidaan me....gito saambhalvaani majaa aavi

Bharat Parekh Bharat Parekh
Joined: 02/16/08 12:33:25

drutpal drutpal
Joined: 02/15/08 11:19:49


Ricky Ricky
Joined: 01/29/08 20:07:09

Aray kya baat Hai Dr. Sahab..great singing...I liked Laga Chunri Mein Daagh....Regards, Ricky

mangeshsingh mangeshsingh
Joined: 01/20/08 10:50:38

Hello sir i heared ur song Laga Chunri me Daag...its so nice...............

yodhava yodhava
Joined: 01/08/08 09:52:44

Good singing Sedani sahab. I thought i had also heard you sing Yaari hay imaan somewhere on this site, one of my favorites. Enjoyed that one too.

Shastripv Shastripv
Joined: 01/06/08 04:03:51

Dr. Sahab Laga Chunari mein is fantabulous. Listen to me n post ur comments

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 12/29/07 08:14:57

Dr. Sedani, you have a unique singing style and good versatility. I would really appreciate if you visit my recorded songs.

Jagannatha Rao K Jagannatha Rao K
Joined: 12/21/07 09:04:40

Dr Sadani je.. Laaga Chuneri.. Song is excellent. I enjoyed a lot. - --- Jagannatha Rao

Joined: 12/12/07 07:41:09

Thank you for your encouraging words! Enjoyed your songs as well!

Cbrain73 Cbrain73
Joined: 11/27/07 09:51:05

Thank you sir, great singing, enjoyed some of the old songs !!

yogesh amee yogesh amee
Joined: 11/27/07 04:35:38

helo sir, it is a great pleasure to listen u again after a long long time...! regards.. -dr.amee ,yogesh

rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 11/22/07 10:44:19

resp. sir.please listen to my songs and opine. with pranams, Rutvi

karan_purohit karan_purohit
Joined: 10/29/07 15:14:02

Thanx a lot for listening to my songs. Actually i dont have a recording sofware thts the reason. Will try to make it better next time. BTW U sound great urself too.:)

Kishore Kishore
Joined: 10/22/07 11:32:26

Hello Dr.Sedani..fabulous singing..Laaga Chunari Mein Daag.. amazing stuff!!.

Farhan Farhan
Joined: 10/21/07 21:55:35

Thank you very much for listing my song, u have also great voice best of luck

cheeku1976 cheeku1976
Joined: 10/19/07 04:21:57

wow awesome singing.. keep it up!!.. plz post ur opinion on my page

Adwait Adwait
Joined: 10/16/07 09:52:32

Laaga Chunari mein daag goes perfectly with your voice! Nice singing!

jhoni jhoni
Joined: 10/16/07 08:24:01

Hi MrvSedani

chandrakant_2k chandrakant_2k
Joined: 10/05/07 10:36:43

Hello Mr. Sedani.. How are you?? have heard a lot about you through messages

Joined: 10/04/07 00:06:14

Sir your voice is very melodius, It will be a great pleasure for me if u listen my songs & comments

Atif Jameel Atif Jameel
Joined: 10/03/07 18:47:13

Dear Doctor Sb, Many Thanks, I have also lstened your songs. You have a very stable and romantic voice. I really loved it.Please keep it up and upload more beautiful songs.

vdash4u vdash4u
Joined: 09/27/07 17:33:51

Namaste Doc Sahab, Thanks for visiting my site and your comments ..I have already heard you through Paras on Taranaa ..You are a great singer ..Enjoyed all your songs ...Keep singing :)..-Vishal

debojitacharjee debojitacharjee
Joined: 08/24/07 19:55:16

Hello, Sir! You sing well, I like it!!! I want a help from you. Can you get me the karaoke track of Ya Ali from the movie Gangster?

mra605 mra605
Joined: 08/19/07 15:03:48

Dr. Sedani is the Dr.with golden voice who sedates his patients professionally and tranquils them by melodies socially. This is the only doc I know who fulfills his passion for music by teaching music professionally! Great conftribution to those who enjoy singing! We would love to hear from you a lot more doc,keep it up!!!!.

nima027 nima027
Joined: 08/19/07 09:28:44

needless to say, I am your fan..you are my GURU...!! I like all your songs, perticularly LAGA Chunri Main Daag..! You have lots of talents..regards, NIMISH

Kala Kothari Kala Kothari
Joined: 08/18/07 08:49:59

bg bg
Joined: 08/17/07 12:34:29

Hello Doc. Great Voice.. keep uploading good songs for us

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 08/16/07 14:13:43

Thanks doc.You have a awesome voice

champak champak
Joined: 08/16/07 10:07:38

Dr. Sedani, I love your singing for "Laga Chunari Me Dag". One of my favourite. Keep singing, Thanks.

sayeed sayeed
Joined: 08/16/07 10:04:15

Dr. Sedani, thank you for your mail. When you creat your songs you can creat an album in zingerbay. I like your songs.

sharon sharon
Joined: 08/11/07 15:19:14

Hello Dr.Sedani, thank you for your nice comment and I am listening to your song laga chunarime daag, which is my favourite. Your rendition is very nice. I might take you up on your offer of karaoke tracks. Thanks again .

tejaswinihardas tejaswinihardas
Joined: 08/10/07 09:44:53

Thank you Dr. Sedani! I too loved all your songs!

dentist_singer dentist_singer
Joined: 08/06/07 19:59:33

Thank you so much doc.You have a wonderful voice too!! Manik

rahuls rahuls
Joined: 08/02/07 21:17:52

helo kaka , ya its wonderfull try some gazal

Joined: 07/29/07 16:37:11

Loved " ye kaun chitrakar hai'. I never thought anyone would ever sing this song on a karaoke. It was a real treat to listen to that song. Please post some more gems like these.

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 07/17/07 01:24:03

sedanisaheb you are source of inspiration for many of us please keep it up my best wishes

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 07/16/07 09:34:08

Dr Saab, Please upload your music for the whole world to hear. If you need assistance, please send us an e mail at support@zingerbay.com. Thank you - Shekhar Phatak

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laga chunari me dag chhupau kaise.
Rating: 4.97  
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Apni kaho kuchh meri suno kya dil ka lagana
Rating: 5.00  
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Album: film ''Parchhayee''

ye kun chitrakar he.
Rating: 4.67  
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seene me sulagate he arama.duet
Rating: 4.75  

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sub kuchh luta ke hosh me aaye to.TALAT
Rating: 4.75  

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Album: default

Mahobat hi na jo samaje vo jalim.
Rating: 4.67  
No Lyrics

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Tute na dil tute na
Rating: 5.00  
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Man mera aheshan are nadan
Rating: 5.00  
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