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Last update: 09/30/13 19:13:59

Location: AFRICA: Algeria
Signed up: 26 Dec 2007 07:30 PM
Sounds like: Jazz Funk
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Born in Washington, D.C., I come from a musical family and grew up with relatives that sang and played instruments. I always had an ear for music. There has always been songs I was inspired by from a young age that stuck with me. One of the earliest I can remember was “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter which came out while in elementary school. This is still one of my favorite songs to this day. Others I remember from that time were George Benson “Breezin” and “Eric Clapton “I Shot the Sheriff”. I also remember taking rubber bands, putting them around a book, and strumming them like a guitar. I had no idea at that time I would actually end up playing one. I was inspired to play after one day I walked by the recreation center and happened to notice a band was playing Sarah Smile by Hall and Oates. I was intrigued with the way the drummer played. He only hit a cymbal once in the song. It was all pocket and feel. I don’t know who the drummer was that played at the recreation center but I have an idea. He also taught drums in the music store at the mall. We moved a year or so later. After moving, I started drawing pictures. Drums were a little hard to come by as a teenager in Junior High School. I then met a bass player in the area that eventually taught me a few songs. After I learned the first song, it was on! I never looked back. Some of my early influences on bass are Larry Graham, James Jamerson (Both prior to learning bass), Louis Johnson, Bernard Edwards, and Marcus Miller Jaco Pastorious, Chris Squire, Bootsy Collins, and Stanley Clarke. Later influences would be Peter Muller, Mel Brown, Wayman Tisdale, and T.M. Stevens. I also can program keyboards and drum, and play some guitar. Influences would be Paul Jackson Jr., Dave Grusin, George Benson, Norman Brown, Greg Karukas, Jonathan Butler, Lee Rittenour, Tim Bowman, Chuck Loeb, Doc Powell, Joe Sample, Bob James, David Benoit, Lenny White, Dave Weckl, Tony Thompson, and Nile Rogers. There are many others. I can remember since the first time I put my hands on a bass wanting to record my own record. Pillars and Dreams is my dream coming true. Pillars are the support systems that hold you up through all life’s challenges.


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rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 02/09/08 09:53:44

excellent composition, my best wishes.Dr. Teli

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 01/02/08 15:07:16

Hi...You are great! I like your short but very soothing composition. Please upload some more songs and have your friends come and listen to your music. Thank you for joining Zingerbay!

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Law of Love
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Album: Pillars and Dreams

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