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Last update: 11/15/15 00:42:15

Location: ASIA: India
Signed up: 30 Jun 2007 09:42 AM
Sounds like: Classical
Artist Talent: singer and a doctor
Web site: http://www.helpheart.8m.com


Basically  I am a cardiologist by profession but fond of music.I consider music as a form of therapy and strongly recommend it as remedy for stress relief and prevention of heart disease.I sing on karaoke tracks,  give public performances  in voice of kishorkumar. I am also fond of devotional songs.  I prefer to sing saibhajans.In very busy schedule of  medical practice music is soul soothing entity for me.My sincere thanks to my piano teacher shri Kantibhai Sonchhatra and Shri Parimal Ghelani , music director and leading bussiness man of rajkot..


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Joined: 11/14/15 22:42:13

Hi Rajesh, I've enjoyed listening to your songs! Very nice singing and great selection of songs! I love Kishore Kumar songs!

hbhanj hbhanj
Joined: 11/20/09 03:07:01

Nice singing.I also have tried this song

su1955 su1955
Joined: 06/17/09 14:01:49

hello Dr. thank you very much for appreciation.i keep on listening to the songs of zingerbay.com.i liked your songs too. seema

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/23/09 13:41:58

Hi Rajeshji, your voice is a lot like Kishore Kumar and loved all your songs specially "Phulon Ke Rang Se",cheers!!

resolute resolute
Joined: 11/20/08 20:35:34

Very Nice Teli Sir... By repairing the hearts of patients since long, you also started touching the herts of people with your velvet voice... All the very Best of Luck...

mostbharat joshi mostbharat joshi
Joined: 11/13/08 12:03:03

dr.telisaheb, i m verymuch thanks to my close friend dr.jitesh parekh,MD(pethologist) for refer me to you ,i m not getting only a good & noble carrdiologist but much more getting in dr.teli as a "HUMANITARIAN"thou singing from soul

narendra tanna narendra tanna
Joined: 06/07/08 05:34:08

teli saheb, very good singing as well very good selection of song.best wishes

surajit surajit
Joined: 05/12/08 19:42:38

Hi, Doctor Rajesh, Thanks for ysuraj1123@yolity ur compliments on my singing. I really appreciate. For a doctor, you are a quasinger too. My best wishes to you. I can see that you are a Kishore Kumar fan like me, so if you do need any KK track, pls. contact me at yahoo.com. Take care. God bless.

rajeshs rajeshs
Joined: 05/03/08 05:17:08

dear sir, u r singing very well,

arvindiyer33 arvindiyer33
Joined: 04/24/08 01:16:42

Hi Rajesh, Very good performance keep it up, arvind iyer, baroda

teli_rajesh_doc_sing teli_rajesh_doc_sing
Joined: 03/24/08 01:41:41


kalpeshsavla kalpeshsavla
Joined: 03/15/08 03:40:11

great voice sir, could go through the right feelings of heart.... thanks sir... kalpesh savla - sun pharma

Kurudan Kurudan
Joined: 03/04/08 13:16:53

Thank you sir...... i heared your songs......all are amazing.......my best wishes......

drutpal drutpal
Joined: 02/16/08 07:48:41

thank you sir ,your inspiration is our O2.

jhoni jhoni
Joined: 02/10/08 09:45:59

Dear Dr rahesh many thanks for kind and loving comments god bless u

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 02/02/08 20:14:56

Wah Doctor..Fantastic singing...I liked Jeevan Se Bhari...Regards..Ricky

P V Shastri P V Shastri
Joined: 01/09/08 00:26:08

Rajesh ji Zeevan se bhari was too gud

Cbrain73 Cbrain73
Joined: 01/02/08 05:56:56

Great voice sir, keep it up. Enjoyed listening to your songs. Mixing can be better to get a better result.

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 12/29/07 08:27:45

You are very correct in saying that music is meditation and good remedy for stress relief and prevention of heart disease. But strangely, all the older generation singers, like Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh died at a relative younger age in their mid fifties. You have a good voice throw and softness. Keep it up please. Have a look at my songs also.

Joined: 12/26/07 07:55:27

Hi Dr. Teli, you have an impressive voice! Thanks and a my best wishes to you!

kantibhai sonchhatra kantibhai sonchhatra
Joined: 12/11/07 10:25:54

wish u good luck rajesh.

Joined: 12/03/07 23:55:41

Hello Rajesh, your voice is very nice and you sing great, best wishes Shahid

mbdevani mbdevani
Joined: 12/03/07 10:07:10


rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 11/22/07 10:40:38

You have great voice , keep it up.Rutvi

Atif Jameel Atif Jameel
Joined: 10/08/07 18:13:40

Hi Rajesh, Great Singing, Keep it up.

sheena sheena
Joined: 10/06/07 17:11:25

hi Dr. thanx for d comments i ''ll try to upload my songs in karaoke track soon n u too r a gud singer well done n all d best

bg bg
Joined: 08/17/07 11:44:53

Hi Rajesh, u voice is too good and you sing great.. keep uploading

sharon sharon
Joined: 08/14/07 10:55:24

Leena Leena
Joined: 08/12/07 10:54:53

Thank you so much sir, for ue comments, you have a very powerful voice. Keep listenning to my songs.

dentist_singer dentist_singer
Joined: 07/31/07 05:06:44

Hello Mr.Teli, I heard your songs too.They were really good.I am proud we doc's can be gud musicans too...!!Al the best

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 07/23/07 08:53:09

hi rajesh- you have improved a lot! keep it up-congratulation--dr sedani

Nethawk Nethawk
Joined: 07/12/07 09:08:37

The singing cardiologist....touching hearts in more ways than one! All the best.

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 07/08/07 14:22:43

Hey Doc, Thank you for your kind words. I heard your songs and they are very impressive. Keep up the good work and spread the music virus around doc. Thank you -

mayu mayu
Joined: 07/07/07 13:46:14

v.good voice. keep it up. Being a Doctor, singing like Professional Singer! Wow.

kapil soni kapil soni
Joined: 07/05/07 04:01:39


brijteli brijteli
Joined: 07/04/07 02:32:36

YOOOOOOOO....... Doctor You Rock

tejaswinihardas tejaswinihardas
Joined: 07/03/07 09:45:08

thanks Rajesh! checked out your songs too. gr8 going!

ashok ashok
Joined: 07/02/07 12:38:38

great artist, please keep it up. ashokmama.

Joined: 06/30/07 12:00:04

Hello. Nice songs. Keep it up !!

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