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Last update: 04/06/15 11:46:01

Location: ASIA: Malaysia
Signed up: 07 Aug 2007 08:48 AM
Sounds like: Vocal
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i just started singing seriously 5 months back n hindi songs r my favourite n it made me learn a totally new language too. i m here to discover my voice that generates from my heart thru my singing n also i m eager to learn n grasp hindi better by exchanging tips n guidance from other amateur singers


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Funspreader Funspreader
Joined: 07/05/09 02:54:29

Greetings from Funspreader! :-)

vineetdixit vineetdixit
Joined: 04/27/09 10:37:14

Hi Sheena, you have a pleasant voice and i loved your song "Pal Pal Pal",cheers!!

narendra tanna narendra tanna
Joined: 07/12/08 04:10:19

good effort,shud try to learn language, which will add to yr singing abilities.

Payal_Sarkar Payal_Sarkar
Joined: 07/07/08 03:45:06

Hi Sheena,

Warsi Warsi
Joined: 06/17/08 09:28:43


Kurudan Kurudan
Joined: 05/30/08 11:06:39

Hey........Good Singing....... !!! ....Nice Voice...........&.........Thanks For Your Kind Words...............All The Best..........

sheena sheena
Joined: 05/18/08 21:37:19

hi .. i hv upload a new song pehli nazar pls listen n comment it thnx

surajit surajit
Joined: 02/29/08 20:42:59

Hi Sheena, Incidentally, this is my daughter

jhoni jhoni
Joined: 02/07/08 09:42:06

thanks u very much for u kind comments god bless u

zubu zubu
Joined: 02/04/08 10:04:45

Hello sheena ji first of all thanks for ur comments. I listen ur songs u also hav nice voice i like it very much all the best

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 01/31/08 17:30:25

hi sheena, your voice is nice but why are you not useing karaoke tracks? it will suport your voice too..dr p..sedani

Ricky Ricky
Joined: 01/29/08 18:40:29

You have a nice and pleasant voice. I liked Chale Thandi Hawayen, but music was too low. Keep singing..Cheers! Ricky

BaByLoNa BaByLoNa
Joined: 01/17/08 05:10:40

hi mom habee here..wish u all d best and try to beat me hehehehe...

shailender_sharma shailender_sharma
Joined: 01/05/08 04:11:11

You have done a very earnest effort. Keep it up, Sheena. I have added 2 new tracks for your listening and valuable opinion : 1. Rim jhim gire sawan 2. Kaise kahan hum pyaar ne humko

sphatak sphatak
Joined: 12/31/07 15:21:36

Sheena, For someone who started out just a few months back, you sound Great!! You have a great voice..Very soothing. If possible get some voice training. That will help you a lot with expression and clarity of finer notes. Keep it up...Thank you

Kandala Kandala
Joined: 12/15/07 12:31:44

Hi..I have uploaded 4 more oldies..hope you like them..

Kishore Kishore
Joined: 12/10/07 09:08:46

Hi Sheena...liked ur voice...u sound very different..keep it up.

rutviteli rutviteli
Joined: 11/22/07 21:40:25

resp. sheenaji. You have a great voice and you are a very good singer.Keep it up. Please listen to my songs and opine. With pranams & best wishes,Rutvi

Nethawk Nethawk
Joined: 11/01/07 20:05:30

Hello Sheena, Thanks for the kind words. I wish you all the best in your singing endeavors. E.I.

karan_purohit karan_purohit
Joined: 10/29/07 15:19:27

hey sheena.. u sound great..thnx for listening to my songs.. and rating for me.. :)

Farhan Farhan
Joined: 10/18/07 03:16:33

Hi Sheena, Excellent voice very melodious all the best

funlover170271 funlover170271
Joined: 10/10/07 04:29:54

Hi Sheena, thanks for rating me, i can only thank you for your thoughts....yes some come here and not rate it, but i appreciate your gesture. youre a very good singer too perhaps someday we can work together too if u like, looking forward to hearing more from you!! Raj

p_soni1980 p_soni1980
Joined: 10/08/07 00:10:53

hi sheena how r u best of luck may god bless u ( my new id at yahoo is digitalayush01 ) thks

gowri1288 gowri1288
Joined: 10/07/07 10:04:13

Thanks sheena... u hav a gr88 voice... and thanks 4 becoming my fan..

rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 10/06/07 16:53:33

hello. you have excellent quality of voice, try to sing on karaoke, if u need tracks do let me know, my best wishes.Rajesh Teli

Atif Jameel Atif Jameel
Joined: 10/03/07 00:30:22

Joined: 10/03/07 00:18:49

Nice singing without music its really tough, can u listen my songs & comments, I am Shahid Rafiq

madhosh_imran madhosh_imran
Joined: 10/02/07 11:27:25

Hi Sheena Imran here...ur r awesome yaar..n ur voice too..i was a dump in singing b4..it is u who encouraged me in this new world of singing..hmm thnx 4 tht...when u gonna online rep bac at yah..take care n have a nice ramadan

debojitacharjee debojitacharjee
Joined: 10/02/07 08:42:16

Are you indian? Where do you live?

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