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"Shekhar - Spring 2008"

credits: Tejaswini

"Shekhar with Tejaswini & Manik"

With my wife Tejaswini (Far left), and student Dr. Manik Joshi (Center)

credits: Adwait Ranade



"Shekhar with his student Dr Monica Patel-Gupta"

Jam Session - Shekhar with his student Dr Monica Patel-Gupta

credits: Surendra Mistry

"Shekhar with Sanjeevani"

Sanjeevani Performig at Shekhar Phatak's Residence, 2006

credits: Arun Parikh

"Shekhar with Sanjeevani"

Sanjeevani Performing at Shekhar Phatak's House in Houston

credits: Arun Parikh