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.: ARTIST | Ashwin Ramachandran :.

Ashwin Ramachandran

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Average rating: 4.60
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Last update: 09/22/13 05:52:12

Location: ASIA: India
Signed up: 15 Feb 2007 12:58 AM
Members: Just Me...
Sounds like: Vocal
Artist Talent: Carnatik Classical Keyboards composer arranger vocal English Hindi
Web site:


I have been trained in Carnatik music for an early 14 years of my life. My passion is the Keyboard. I can manage to strum the guitar and give out simple pieces with the flute as well.

I was a part of several Bands here in Bangalore (India), v.i.z., TradScabrous, No Klue, Harmony etc... in the past. We've had several shows here. Rock, Pop, Indian (Hindi and Regional), Fusion etc...

I have been heavily inspired by A.R.Rahman, Yanni and a lot others. I believe that Music has no language. I live to be a part of it.


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Mangesh Khati Mangesh Khati
Joined: 05/28/09 03:46:43

Hi Ashwin, Liked your singing, you have got good voice.

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/25/07 16:55:31

ashwin- good voice-try some hindi too- we aould like tohear from you-dr p..sedani

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Vande Mataram
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Album: Dedications

Rating: 4.33  

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Bless The Broken Road...
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