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Bharat Parikh

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Last update: 09/26/13 03:22:37

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX)
Signed up: 04 Feb 2007 04:17 PM
Sounds like: Filmi Dance
Artist Talent: vocal/classicle/ Keyboad/ harmonium teacher
Web site:


I love music and have been performing in USA for the past 28 years. I am a vocalist and keyboard / Harmonium Player. I teach  keyboard,vocal & classicle music. I have volunteered my teaching services to  ISCON temple ;(2 Yrs. ;), Gujarati Samaj (1Yr.), and VPSS temple (4 Yrs.) in Houston, TX.  Send me an email for Music class and/or programm and further information.


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rajeshteli rajeshteli
Joined: 01/03/08 09:14:26

dear bharat superb control on voice, my best wishes. Dr. Rajesh Teli

drsedani drsedani
Joined: 08/25/07 17:03:28

dear Bharat-exccelent voice!!any bhajan or gazal eill love to flow from your vocal cord-dr p..sedani

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Kahe Chhed Chhed Mohe
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